About Lake Effect Honey

Amy and Mike Colgan

The Beekeepers

We are Amy and Mike Colgan. We are avid outdoor folks. We enjoy spending time in the bee yards taking care of our hard-working bees.  Amy is a Cornell Master Beekeeper.

When not working with the bees we enjoy growing our food, spending time with our dogs, and occasionally we find time to relax.

Amy Colgan
Mike Colgan

Sweet to the last drop

Our Honey

Lake Effect Honey is local raw honey from non-migratory bees in Wayne and Oswego Counties, NY. Our honey is Certified Naturally Grown. Our honey is filtered through a coarse screen to remove bits of wax and bee parts. We do not heat our honey, so all the pollen, amino acids, and enzymes remain intact. Our bees are not migratory, and we do not move them for commercial pollination. You can pick up our honey locally or we can ship it to you.

Raw Unfiltered Honey

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